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This small L.M.S country station is typical of the Red Brick type, with white barge boards, architraves and window sills. As with many of these stations there were three rooms, one being the ticket office, one being a waiting room and one being a store. We make interior detailing kits for the waiting room and ticket office and also make platform detailing kits and painted passengers. The overall size of this kit is as follows, width 163mm, depth 67mm and height to ridge 66mm. The kit is precoloured and can easily be assembled with styrene glue. Full instructions are included and many of the mouldings are available separately should you wish to make your own buildings.

psw4 lms brick station front view 1.JPG
psw4 lms brick station angle view 2.JPG
psw4 lms brick station rear view 3.JPG
psw4 lms brick station top view 4.JPG
psw4 lms brick station underside 5.JPG
psw4 satation mouldings1.JPG
PSW4-1 LMS Small Country Station (1).JPG
PSW4-2 LMS Small Country Station.JPG
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psw4 satation mouldings1.JPG
PSW4-1 LMS Small Country Station (1).JPG
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